Our school is committed to providing a well-rounded education for all students at every level.  Our Curriculum is based on the Victorian Essential Learnings (VELS) and our units incorporate aspects of AusVELS in preparation for a transition to the National Curriculum in the near future. 

All teachers in our school work together to plan and deliver an engaging curriculum where student knowledge is scaffolded from Level to Level, and where Literacy and Numeracy skills are integrated and consolidated through units of Inquiry Learning.

Inquiry Learning encourages the development of research skills and engaging in creative process and provides students with the opportunity to develop the skills required to investigate new ideas and apply their reasoning abilities. They develop their ability to problem solve; to question, analyse and interpret information, in order to develop their own understandings and form conclusions about a topic.

These programs are developed by the teachers as units of work delivered to students over a two year cycle. Each unit combines areas of the Curriculum in order to engage students in a progression of highly motivating inquiry which is designed to teach specific concepts or 'big ideas'. This provides a learning framework that fosters students’ development as confident, responsible and informed citizens at local community, national and global levels. Some examples of topics at the various levels are:

Level 1 - Prep

Me and My Family; Down on the Farm

Level 2 -Years 1&2

Where in the world do we live; Watch it Grow

Level 3 -Years 3&4

Material World; Exploring other Cultures

Level 4 - Years 5&6

Earth's place in Space; It's Electrifying

Excursions, in-school events (Incursions), guest speakers and special activity days are some of the extra curricular activities provided to enhance the Curriculum ensuring that learning is engaging, meaningful and enjoyable for our students.

In 2012 our school was successful in securing a two year grant (2012/13) which assisted us in further developing Science teaching and learning in our school.  Student and teacher have participated in learning with our Science Leader using the Primary Connections units of work. Every Level participates in 4 Science units over two years (2 units for Prep) and they are sequenced to ensure students are able to build upon their knowledge and skills as they move through the year levels.