Greenhills offers a fabulous program with strong participation from all students. Music lessons cover a range of concepts including learning about pitch, tempo, timbre, dynamics, form, rhythm and notation. The students sing, dance and play a variety of tuned and non-tuned percussion instruments in their music lessons. They explore music from different genres and cultures and create their own music whether in the form of soundscapes or original compositions.  Music lessons are based on Orff and Kodaly teaching methods.


Greenhills offers a comprehensive Choral Program. There are 3 choirs at the school – a Grade 3 Choir, Grade 4 Choir and the Recital Choir which is an auditioned choir for students from Grades 4-6. The Recital Choir has developed a wonderful reputation in the wider school community. The Choir regularly performs at the Choral@Montsalvat Festival and eisteddfods including South Street and the Boroondara Eisteddfod to applause and high acclaim. 

School Calypso Band & Marimba Group
Greenhills Primary School has a Marimba Group that runs as an extra-curricular activity after school one afternoon each week. This group performs at school and community events.  The Calypso Band is a newly formed group at school where students play an array of instruments including ukeleles, jumbie jams and other tuned and non tuned percussion instruments. Both groups are run by Professional Percussionists.

Private Music Lessons
Greenhills also offers individual or small group instrumental music lessons with private teachers during school hours.  The lesson are  provided by qualified music teachers.

Guitar - students are in small groups of 4 or less.
Piano - individual lessons for 30 minutes.
Flute - individual lessons for 30 minutes.
Violin - individual lessons for 30 minutes.
Clarinet - individual lessons for 30 minutes.
Saxophone – individual lessons for 30 minutes.
Singing - individual and small group lessons
Marimba Group – this is an extra-curricular activity after school for students from
Grade 3 up.
Calypso Band – this is an extra-curricular activity after school for students from Grade 3 up.

To book your child in please download the booking form HERE and return it to school.

Visual Art

In 2011 our brand new Visual Art Room opened to our very excited Greenhills students.  The Visual Arts program at Greenhills has a broad, rich objective. Students are introduced to a wide range of art genres, styles, cultures and periods in history. These provide a rich base for both exploring students’ own art and responding to the art of others.
In their Visual Arts classes, students are given the opportunity to explore and create in all the seven areas of Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Modelling, Construction, Threads and Textiles and Collage. Students learn a range of skills, techniques and processes in each of these areas. Students learn that Visual Arts isn’t just about a finished product; the journey (process) is also very important. Arts Elements and Principles of Art are incorporated into the Visual Arts learning program at all levels. The Visual Arts studio is very well equipped and includes a ceramic kiln. An interactive whiteboard is also used as an adjunct to the program.
We also endeavour to run an extension program with links to the education programs at the National Gallery of Victoria.
The program aims to provide the opportunity for all children to experience success in the Visual Arts.


Premiers Reading Challenge
Our wonderful new Library is now open with our students enjoying the great space created for Library/ICT.  Each year, students across the school participate in the Premiers Reading Challenge, which is encourages children to experience a broad range of age-appropriate texts

Chess Club
Chess Club is offered by an external provider.  Students at any year level can participate in Chess Club (at a cost) which is held once a week at lunchtimes in our new Library.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention program designed to provide intensive additional assistance aiming to bring the lowest performing Year 1 students up to a level where they can be full participants in the mainstream curriculum.  Students receive a series of daily, individual, thirty-minute Reading Recovery lessons from a specially trained teacher in addition to the regular classroom reading and writing program. The lessons consist of a variety of experiences designed to help children develop effective reading and writing strategies. 

Languages Other Than English - LOTE - Italian

Greenhills also provides the opportunity for all children to broaden their horizons by experiencing another language - Italian.  Lessons cover all aspects of Italian culture - from language, to music, art, food, history and geography. 

Physical Education

Physical Education aims to help students develop the competencies and beliefs necessary for incorporating regular activity into their lives.

The program endeavours to:
• Focus on the development of Fundamental Motor Skills.
• Foster an environment that encourages maximum participation
• Provide the opportunity for all children to experience success in learning skills.

Physical Education is an all-encompassing term concerned with the development of the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values of a wide range of physical activities.

Interschool Sport
Greenhills Primary School offer interschool sport opportunities for all students in Year 5/6. They are currently in the Diamond Valley Primary Schools Sports Association. There are two main streams offered at interschool sport: Summer Sport (Cricket, Rounders, Volleyball, Basketball and Bat Tennis) and Winter Sport (Football, Soccer, Softball and Netball). Interschool sport takes place for the whole year.

Greenhills also offer a range of extra curricular sporting opportunities for students to represent the school and excel in their sport of interest eg. tennis, hockey, lacrosse, golf and many more.

School Swimming Program
Greenhills offers a Swimming program for students in years Prep to 4. All students are encouraged to participate in the swimming program to improve their stroke efficiency, water safety awareness and general fitness levels. Currently the programs are as follows:

Preps - Term 4 (TBC)
Grade 1/2's - Term 1 (TBC)
Grade 3/4's - Term 2 (TBC)

Sporting Carnivals
Greenhills also provides opportunities for students to participate in Swimming, Cross country and Athletics Carnivals. All students in grades 3-6 are encouraged to attend and participate in all of the sporting carnivals. For those who excel in certain sporting events there is an opportunity to participate at District, Zone, Regional and State carnivals.