Greenhills is GREAT!
Generosity, Respect, Enthusiasm,  Acceptance, Teamwork  are the core values that make Greenhills G.R.E.A.T. These values are deeply integrated into our school educational, and student well-being programs and underpin all school decision-making and management.

Greenhills Primary School is committed to providing a safe, stimulating and secure learning environment where the individual needs of all children are met regardless of gender, ability, culture or socio-economic circumstances. The school is the hub of a family-based community.  A close relationship is fostered between the school, parents and the wider school community.  This is encouraged by an “open-door” policy where families are invited to participate actively in all aspects of school life.

Developing Well-Rounded, Resilient and Confident Students
At Greenhills Primary School, we aim to develop well-rounded, resilient and confident young people. We also develop skilled, flexible, responsible and creative students  - preparing them to meet the challenges of a society where knowledge is highly valued and constantly changing. We recognise that young people need knowledge and a broad range of social, personal and thinking skills to be successful.  They need to develop the capacities to manage themselves as individuals and in relation to others, understand the world in which they live, and act positively in that world.

Opportunities are provided for all children to experience success through a varied and challenging curriculum with a particular emphasis placed on Literacy and Numeracy across the school.  Sequentially planned learning units have been developed by teams of teachers and are presented using a variety of approaches including co-operative learning, cross-age tutoring and small group learning.

Specialist Programs
The school offers a fantastic specialist programs, with highly experienced and dedicated teachers in the areas of

  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) - Italian

Learning & Personal Development Opportunities
Greenhills also offers a diverse and exciting range of learning and personal development opportunities to Greenhills' students including:

  • Inter-school sport
  • Camps
  • Transition Programs (Kinder – Prep and Years 6 to High School)
  • Literacy support
  • Targeted Growth groups in Literacy and Numeracy for all students - Extension and Intervention
  • Leadership skills development & leadership programs
  • Family Life Program
  • Choirs
  • Instrumental Music
  • Swimming Program
  • Out of School Hours Care Program
  • Holiday Care