Greenhills Primary School aims to provide a caring, safe, supportive and nurturing environment, which will foster all students’ educational and behavioural development, to enable them to become effective citizens in our school and the broader society.


The following values are fundamental to the ethos of Greenhills Primary School and are the underpinning principles for all school-based activity and decision-making.


  • Generosity
  • Respect
  • Enthusiasm
  • Acceptance
  • Teamwork
These values are reflected in the provision of components considered essential to the management of the school, such as; a safe environment, comprehensive educational programs, pastoral care, a whole-school assertive approach to discipline, welfare and maximum community involvement.
 ‘Greenhills Kids are Great Kids’ Program
The ‘Greenhills Kids are Great Kids’ program is an exciting approach to the social and emotional development of our students.  Our school values of G.R.E.A.T are reinforced throughout the year, alongside other values to assist the students to develop into responsible, active community members.  Each week our whole school focuses on a particular value related to GENEROSITY, RESPECT, ENTHUSIASM, ACCEPTANCE or TEAMWORK.  During the week every class will focus on an aspect of our core values and investigate ways we could make our values come to life.